Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Long Overdue Post

It's been months since my last post here - unfortunately (or fortunately depending on one's perspective) I've gotten very busy work-wise, which has meant a general slow down of book progress.

The majority of my work is in marketing and for the most part I have been working with Momentum Worldwide in New York and GamePlan out of Austin, old stomping grounds.

That's not to say all work on the book has stopped. Right now I am reading Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, which has a number of interesting insights that will surely make it into the book.

I've not been very proactive in trying to secure interviews due to time constraints but I did just get turned down by Daniel Dennett (after months of back and forth e-mails he said he simply doesn't have the time, sigh).

I am also contemplating a different title for the book! I really like "Curing the Human Disease" but it might not have the sizzle you need these days. Or perhaps it isn't direct enough about the content of the book itself. Like an HTML link I guess we need to know what a book is about from the title alone.

At any rate I am just thinking about it right now - not ready to put a new title out there yet!

Things may slow down a bit for the holidays which should mean more focused book time. So perhaps it won't take me another three months to write a post.