Monday, May 31, 2010

The Continuing Challenge of FOCUS

Perhaps you've come across this blog and are wondering where the hell I have been?

It's a very fair question. Where I've been is full-time employed at Momentum Worldwide and working on new music with my band Passion Project. The new music is (nearly) completed which means the next step is to figure out just what to do with it.

The full-time employment is not complete and won't be...presenting some very real challenges for work on this project.

At issue isn't only time - though finding time to dedicate to pure book research and writing (as I've been able to do a bit of this Memorial Day weekend) is certainly a concern. I've been considering the time challenge and wondering, "should I find a writing partner to help out with this?" It's a consideration.

The real challenge, however, is mental focus. How do I transition from dedicating brain cycles to marketing the latest American Express OPEN offering or Kraft Foods product to a secular analysis of the seven deadly sins? Mental focus is unfortunately not something a writing partner can really help with.

So while I have not been actively writing I continue to research and thinking about the book on a daily basis, whether it's a few minutes of jotted notes on a subway commute or an inspired late night debate with friends.

I will get this book done and it won't be a fragmented mess...that's my mission. It is just a question of when!

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